Future proofing coffee farmers
for a possible future without coffee

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About the future

The future of farms in Nicaragua that produce coffee now doesn’t lie only in coffee as climate change is chasing coffee up the mountains. Phase 1 of future proofing the farms lies in making these farms self-sufficient.

We believe that by focussing our efforts on assuring income for the producers we can start Phase 2: focus on improvements in environment/soil and farmworkers inclusion.

Which will ultimately lead to Phase 3: gradually diversify the coffee farms in Nicaragua into another purpose, based on built-up economic, ecologic and human capital.

With a healthier environment, a more diverse farm and the same motivated workers, the farm will be ready for whatever purpose comes next.

About the present: Coffee

All producers produce 79-83 point coffee, that’s a reality. And that’s where we start working with the producer. We work throughout the year with coffee producers to make that quality consistent.

All of the producers are able to produce microlots, which we seperate and/or design for. We want to identify together with you what it is you’re after.

If requested by the buyer and/or the producer, our processing facility and well trained people handle those microlots. Risk free by contract and worry free for the producer.

We are not a drymill. We are not an exporting company.

What we are interested in is building links between people, people with the same mindset.

That’s why our name starts with ‘brida’, which is used in Nicaragua for cable tie: something to strengthen or make secure and qualitative connections with.
The ‘azul’ means ‘blue’ and is an iconic element of the identity of Nicaragua, making up 2/3rds of the national flag.

You can call us intermediary or middleman. In the end most of us are middleman between the producer and the consumer.

We however believe you can farm, pick, process, dry, mill, buy, export, ship, import, transport, roast, package, brew or drink coffee with an ethical mindset.

This is why we’re focussing on only a couple of producers at a time,
to give them the quality time they deserve, based on their wants and needs.

This is why we’re focussing on only a couple of coffee buyers at a time,
to give you the quality time you deserve, based on your wants and needs.